Why Cyber Tzar?

Cyber Tzar was established with the goal of improving the understanding and management of cyber risk globally in order to facilitate a safer, more secure and trusted internet. We believe that the widespread adoption of quantitative Cyber Security Scoring is the key to achieving that goal.

The credibility of Cyber Tzar is therefore vital to this effort and we have developed adopted a number of principles and make the following commitments to achieve this:

  • Expert – we combine engineering excellence from both academic and industry and continually innovate, deploying the latest technologies, to achieve the most accurate possible scores
  • Authoritative – we use proven and transparent scoring algorithms and we monitor cyber-security threats based upon industry and geography to ensure you are protected regardless of where your physical or digital infrastructure is based (you can see the output from our "threat intelligence platform" here
  • Trusted – we have an established status in the cyber security sector and we actively contribute to the development of cyber security policy in the UK and Commonwealth
  • Service Driven – we will always provide easy to understand security analysis focused on remediation pathways  
Cyber Tzar Risk Impact Assesment

Our Vision

Our vision is of an internet free of cyber security threats where truth, transparency and openness is the norm. To achieve this we will:

  1. Simplify
    Simplify cyber security risk tools, bringing them into the reach of users and decision makers to help them take up the challenge of cyber-security. 
  2. Quantify
    Reliably quantify risk by developing a standardised Cyber Security Score 
  3. Champion
    Pursue the universal adoption and publication of a regulated, quantitative risk-oriented Cyber Security Score

Our Goals

Pioneering a safer and more equitable internet for everyone to enjoy

Through risk assessment scanning, penetration testing, data science and AI powered automation we are developing solutions which will help keep your business, brand, customers, infrastructure and web content safe. 

Cyber Tzar Re-score Report
Cyber Tzar Marketplace Benchmark Report
We empower our partners to better understand their cyber-security risks

Simple, safe and certain technology for everyday analytics and monitoring - that is the core mission we set ourselves when starting Cyber Tzar. The dedication to bringing easy to use, financially viable solutions to the widest possible audience is something that sits at the heart of our development going forwards.

We merge the worlds of academic research to hands on implementation within industry. We believe that every company or institution needs a form of protection and monitoring technology to protect their internet infrastructure and intellectual property in an increasingly competitive and globalised world. 

We want every participant in the internet to help make it a safer place

As an essential component of modern life everyone should have the right to use the internet safely and securely. We view the internet as an open utility and like all essential public infrastructures - it needs protection and monitoring.

We work with the best minds in academia and industry to ensure that simple solutions can be used by anyone in any company or organisation to protect the pages they publish online, regardless of how much technical knowledge they have or how big their budget might be.

Further, by establishing consistent and reliable scoring we wish to promote security standards that can be widely understood and can be used to develop the regulation of minimum standards across the internet. 

Cyber Tzar Risk Impact Distribution
Cyber Tzar Risk Impact Assesment
Security should be second nature... a culture and mindset

Working on cyber security within an organisation should be as important as any administration or operational function. We believe that as daunting as cyber security might feel to many non-technical staff, it should be made accessible and user-friendly to promote a pro-active and confident culture of cyber risk awareness.

As a SaaS company are trying to bridge the gap between analytics and dashboards on screen to clear, understandable and actionable .pdf reports to enable the optimisation of your site security and to ensure you and your teams are ready to deal with cyber security risk management head on.

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