Insurtech Risk Analysis


Quantifiably assess cyber risk for insurance pricing and loan acceptance across millions of organisations.

Provides quantitative cyber security data for actuarial analysis, banking assurance, and construction certification.

How best to assess cyber risk across organisations?

Quantitative data around cyber risk is essential for managing the basic principles of risk management across the company to be insured.

Our Insurance Risk Management product is for: 

  • Actuaries – identify real cyber risks, leading to greater analysis, increased control, better financing and pricing modelling, for improved claims management

  • Brokers – facilitate transactions between traders, sellers, or buyers, through the quantification and analysis of comparative risk

  • Underwriters – add genuine cyber security scan results to the assessment of risk to loan appetite

  • Corporate Loan Managers – make better loan decisions based upon the cyber risk present in a client account

Your typical focus

  • Multitudinous and large amount of sites
  • Comparative Analysis Focused (identified)