Cyber Risk Benchmarking


Compare your business’s cyber risk to competitors and discover your common vulnerabilities. From the marketplace to your competitors, how do you compare?

With our Cyber Risk Benchmarking product you can scrutinise and track your cyber security performance in comparison to others in your field to help develop a greater degree of cyber resilience. Learn how to improve your practices, track changes over time and remediate the most critical security issues quickly and effectively.

Why Benchmark against your competitors?

Our Cyber Risk Benchmark Product

Available as a one-off scan or an annual subscription service, our Benchmarking product will help you to demonstrate the return of investment in cyber security.

  • Scan of your own site with unlimited subdomains
  • Nominated benchmark – Non-intrusive scans of 50 domains chosen by you
  • Market benchmark – 50 most relevant scores ranked by sector, location and organisation size
  • Measure the effectiveness of risk mitigation
  • Clear, easy-to-understand analytics with a comparative view over time
  • Get alerts when your competitors’ ratings change significantly