Cyber Risk Quantification


The best way to protect your website is to first know what’s wrong with it.

Score the cyber risk of your business with a Cyber Risk Quantification assessment

With just one platform, you can start to understand and address your company’s cyber vulnerabilities. Using Cyber Essentials and industry-leading analytics, we undertake hundreds of thousands of tests and provide you a score in a digestible, clear and accessible format with key actionable areas to enhance your cyber security. Our Remediation Pathway will instruct you with what needs fixing in order of priority.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Available as a one-off scan or an annual subscription service, Cyber Risk Quantification gives detailed insights into all vulnerabilities, risks, and issues.

Included in your cyber risk assessment:

  • Autodiscovery of your “attack surface”
  • Scans, tests, and checks performed
    • Website and web application security and configuration tests
    • Internal and External networks, systems, servers, and services – anything with an IP address
    • Domain Name System (DNS) – has it been hijacked?
    • Anti Phishing configuration
    • Have you been breached?
    • Data Loss & Exposure – has your data been exposed in someone else’s breach or data left over on the Internet
    • Supply Chain – Third Party software vendors discovered by our platform and/or ones you tell us about
    • Relative Market positioning – Discovered through marketplace analysis and/or nominated by you
    • Cloud Configuration – AWS, Azure, and/or GCP Configuration
    • Certification – Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, and ISO27001
    • Privacy Status – cookie consent, cookie contents, and identity information
  • All issues reported in the following frameworks: NIST, CWE, MITRE ATT@CK, OWASP ZAP Top 10, and WASC
  • Risk Impact Assessments and Distribution infographics with Remediation Pathways
  • Change over time – how are you doing? Track and manage your risk profile
  • Risk profile modelling – the ability to model the impact of remediation before the work is done