Cyber Tzar Partner Program

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Extend the visibility and power of the Cyber Tzar Risk Management platform to the rest of your trusted security and IT solutions. 


The Cyber Tzar Partner Program allows our partners to deliver Cyber Risk Management services to their clients with:

Lower operational cost by reducing manual work

By leveraging Cyber Tzar’s automation capabilities, our partners can significantly reduce operational costs associated with manual cyber testing processes. Our platform automates the checking of the configurations of IT systems and collates cyber risks from multiple sources to give a comprehensive cyber risk posture for your clients.

Faster time to deliver a comprehensive and wide-ranging assessment

With Cyber Tzar’s technology, our partners can expedite the assessment process delivering consistency across multiple industry frameworks. Our platform allows our partners to complete assessments faster  and quickly focus on managing the remediation.

An ability to build a closer and deeper relationship with your clients

The Cyber Tzar platform provides a system of record for cyber risk management with regular updating on risk and likelihood of impact of cyber vulnerabilities which will enhance relationships with clients through a continuance review of their ongoing cyber risk posture. The system of record serves as a valuable tool for monitoring progress, adapting to evolving threats, and fostering long-term client relationships. The modelling of remediation of vulnerabilities allows the right decisions to be made by each business. The tracking over time will allow the right discussions about new risks and existing risks and the risk posture of clients


Your success depends on a partner program that enables differentiation, enhances profitability, expands opportunities and helps you become the trusted advisor for your customers.


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