As part of our team’s journey on the NCSC for Startups programme, we were asked to apply Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Model to Cyber Tzar and our offerings. Although this is a rough attempt it’s what we came up with at the time. obviously, our thinking has moved past this now. But it’s all part of the richness of the evolution of a startup which we think is worth sharing.

An exploration of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Model: “Why, How, What” applied to Cyber Tzar

Use Case Why How What
Credit Score (aka Experian/Equifax)

Existing Example

To provide a standardized measure of creditworthiness facilitating trust and transparency in financial markets. Collecting financial data, analyzing it through statistical algorithms, and adhering to legal and ethical guidelines. Credit reports and scores, credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and financial education resources.
Cyber Risk Score To gauge the cybersecurity posture of an entity, enabling a more secure digital environment and aiding risk management. Utilizing Cyber Risk Quantification standards to assess cyber risk factors and generate a score reflecting the entity’s cyber risk. Cyber Risk Score, detailed reports, recommendations, and potential consulting services for improving cybersecurity.
Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) including Supply Chain Risk Analysis To identify, assess, and mitigate cyber risks within the supply chain, ensuring operational continuity and data protection. Evaluating the cybersecurity posture of entities within the supply chain, considering interdependencies, and assessing potential cascading impacts. Supply Chain Risk Analysis report, risk score, detailed findings, and recommendations for risk mitigation.
Shadow IT Risk Analysis To identify assess, and mitigate security risks of identified but unauthorized IT systems, and align technological resources with organizational policies. Rapidly assessing unmanaged IT assets, analyzing risks they pose, and evaluating organizational readiness to address Shadow IT-related risks. Shadow IT Risk Analysis report, risk score, detailed findings, and recommendations for managing Shadow IT.
Insurtech Risk Analysis To ensure secure utilization of cyber insurance solutions, promoting trust and enabling sustainable growth of cyber insurance adoption. Examining organisations for cyber risk vulnerabilities and delivering a cyber risk posture used to assess thousands of organisations across various industries . Insurtech Risk Analysis report, risk score, detailed findings, and recommendations for enhancing cybersecurity.
Cyber Security Services Organization including Resellers and Channel Partners To provide efficient, cost-effective, and scalable cybersecurity assessment solutions. Integrating automated Cyber Risk Assessments and Vulnerability Scans, alongside manual penetration testing for more complex or sensitive environments. Automated Cyber Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Scans, manual penetration testing services, and detailed reports.


This table encapsulates the Why, How, and What for six different use cases based on the Golden Circle model.

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