How we deliver a system of record.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common and are a serious threat to businesses and individuals alike. However, we at Cyber Tzar have developed a comprehensive cyber risk management platform that can help protect you. Our platform includes a powerful automated vulnerability scanner that produces excellent results.

Once we run the scans, we categorize the results, allowing us to build a matrix of technical risk. But that’s not all; we also save the results, and these results are indelible. They cannot be tampered with and remain unchanged, which is crucial when assessing and managing risk.

The saved results also allow you to compare and contrast them over time, creating a change-over-time record that can help you understand how your security posture is improving or deteriorating. This is especially important because new vulnerabilities are discovered all the time, and the threat landscape is always evolving, even if you do nothing.

You can sign off on the risk of given vulnerabilities and exclude them from the score. The vulnerabilities are always found and recorded, but you might want to qualify certain vulnerabilities out from the score. This allows you to have a more accurate view of the risks you are facing.

Additionally, you can keep notes about your decision-making process when it comes to “signing off risk”. These notes are also indelible, and they can be cleared down, but they continue to exist for historic purposes, thus delivering a “system of record”.

All these capabilities combine to deliver a system of record that allows you to have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of your security posture over time. With our platform, you can have peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself from cyber threats.

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