Pen Test as a Service with the Cyber Tzar Risk Management Platform

As the digital landscape evolves, organizations face growing cyber risks that require effective risk management solutions. Penetration Testing (Pen Test) has emerged as a crucial component in assessing vulnerabilities and enhancing cybersecurity. In this era of rapid technological advancements, Cyber Tzar’s Risk Management platform offers a comprehensive Pen Test as a Service (PTaaS) solution, empowering organizations with rapid, accurate, and cost-effective risk assessments. By combining cutting-edge technology with a system of record for cyber risk management, Cyber Tzar is revolutionizing the traditional Pen Test landscape.

The Evolving Landscape of Pen Testing: Traditional Pen Test companies are facing a myriad of challenges in today’s cybersecurity landscape. The demand for streamlined operations, coupled with increased competition, has put pressure on these companies to deliver faster results while maintaining high accuracy. Furthermore, the erosion of margins due to lower-cost manual testing offshore and the rise of automated vulnerability scanners have disrupted the traditional Pen Test model.

Cyber Tzar’s Solution

Rapid, Accurate, and Cost-Effective Risk Assessments: Cyber Tzar’s Risk Management platform addresses these challenges head-on, providing a state-of-the-art PTaaS solution. Let’s explore how Cyber Tzar’s capabilities align with the essential functionalities required in a PTaaS solution:

  1. Scans performed by the Cyber Tzar Risk Management platform include Web Application Security Testing (WAST) with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) for comprehensive site, app, and API analysis. The platform also covers Security Headers & SSL certificates, DNS Security, Anti-Phishing, Infrastructure & Technology, Breaches, Data Loss & Exposure, Supply Chain assessment, Benchmarking, and evaluations of AWS and Azure configurations.
  2. All issues/vulnerabilities found are mapped to well-established industry standards like OWASP ZAP Top 10, MITRE ATT&CK, NIST, CWE, and WASC, ensuring comprehensive coverage and alignment with recognized frameworks.
  3. We present findings in a risk-based approach, providing a score out of 1,000 for cyber risk qualification. Each issue is qualified based on impact and likelihood, generating risk groups on the matrix. This facilitates recommendations on severity and priority. Infographics illustrating risk distribution and impact assessment enhance comprehension.
  4. Cyber Tzar’s platform acts as a system of record for cyber risk management, featuring an automated vulnerability scanner that builds a risk matrix. Saved results are indelible, enabling accurate assessment over time. The platform offers change-over-time reports, empowering users to track security improvements and adapt to evolving threats. This comprehensive system fosters proactive and long-term cybersecurity practices.

Building Stronger Long-Term Relationships: Cyber Tzar’s Risk Management platform goes beyond offering PTaaS. It serves as a system of record for cyber risk management, providing an automated vulnerability scanner and categorizing results to build a risk matrix. This capability allows organizations to track security improvements over time, adapt to evolving threats, and build stronger long-term relationships with their clients.

Meeting Growing Demand and Industry Shifts: The increasing awareness of cyber threats, evolving legislation, and certification requirements have amplified the demand for comprehensive cyber risk management solutions. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs/SMBs), often underserved in the cybersecurity space, can benefit immensely from Cyber Tzar’s PTaaS offering. Additionally, as organizations migrate to the cloud and rely on third-party SaaS-based services and PaaS/IaaS components, the need for rapid risk assessment delivery and effective management of associated risks becomes paramount.

A Call to Arms: To both corporates and resellers performing numerous Pen Tests or representing clients in the cybersecurity landscape, Cyber Tzar’s PTaaS solution offers a mature and complete service offering. With the ability to supply year-end CREST-accredited Pen Test reports, Cyber Tzar enables organizations to enter the Pen Test market confidently. Embracing the platform’s capabilities will help organizations navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape while ensuring robust risk management and compliance with evolving industry standards.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, organizations must stay one step ahead by leveraging innovative solutions. Cyber Tzar’s Risk Management platform offers an ideal PTaaS solution, combining Pen Test capabilities with a system of record for cyber risk management. By embracing this comprehensive offering, organizations can achieve rapid, accurate, and cost-effective risk assessments, build stronger long-term relationships, and navigate the cybersecurity landscape with confidence. It is time to embrace the power of PTaaS and revolutionize the way organizations manage cyber risks.

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