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  • Are there any other platforms like CyberTzar?

    Cyber Tzar is a vendor of Cyber Security testing products, principally in the arena of qualifying and managing risk. There are other providers of testing products but few in any that carry out the number of individual tests provided by the Cyber Tzar platform. There are also providers of risk information services commonly known as “Third Party Risk Intelligence”. These organisations may not have undertaken any scanning of your site but will provide “proxy” risk information based on trends in attacks, your size and sector.

  • What is unique about Cyber Tzar?

    Cyber Tzar provides a suite of products each building on the testing of individual websites. The suit includes:

    • Score Products – Risk assessment scans of a sites in isolation;
    • Benchmarking Products – The collation of risk across a particular sector providing a relative score and benchmarking your organisation against your actual competitors;
    • Qualify Products – The collation of a 360 Degree analysis of risk taking in Competitors, Clients, Partners and Suppliers and;
    • Assure Products – Designed to be used by actuaries in the Cyber Insurance Market where we provide analysis of systemic risk across an economy.
  • Does Cyber Tzar only test websites?

    The fundamental building block of the Cyber Tzar offer is the testing of Websites. However it is in the analysis and presentation of the data garnered from these individual test that enables Cyber Tzar to provide far more useful and meaningful insights that creates Cyber Tzar’s unique offer.

  • What potential security issues doesn’t Cyber Tzar check for?

    The Cyber Tzar penetration test routinely checks for hundreds of thousands (and counting) known issues, in addition and uniquely Cyber Tzar also tests SSL Certificates Health, Port Vulnerability Scans and APIs. What we cannot check for is the “Bad Actor” in an organisation who criminally removes or releases data.

  • Why do I need a service like Cyber Tzar?

    Threats to your cyber security emerge on an almost daily basis. Cyber criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated in the use of Artificial Intelligence and robotics to “spider” across the web searching for vulnerabilities to exploit. The only practical response is to maintain vigilance by regular and routine testing. Cyber Tzar’s commitment to clients is to stay abreast of developments in the exploitation of vulnerabilities and to provide timely analysis of risk.

  • Why choose Cyber Tzar?

    Cyber Tzar is a World Class cyber security analysis platform and market leader in SaaS cyber security analysis and reporting. Cyber Tzar has been developed by some of the UK’s most experienced cyber security experts with decades of experience in the field to ensure that your websites are secure, your data is safe and your future is stable. Our objective is to maintain the most comprehensive risk analysis solution in the market.

  • Does CyberTzar check for all known website vulnerabilities?

    A key component in the Cyber Tzar offer is that we test for all know vulnerabilities, indeed we have a team of developers dedicated to monitoring the internet for news of new vulnerabilities and exploits. Once identified we fast track the incorporation of testing for these new vulnerabilities into our scan platform.

  • Do I need to be a ‘techie’ or technically savvy to use CyberTzar?

    Most definitely not! Cyber Tzar has been developed with the mission of “making cyber security simple”. To that end, in addition to highly technical scan results we provide a suite of Management Reports designed specifically to inform the non-technical. It is essential in our view that senior management are able to easily understand the threats posed to business continuity from cyber security breaches in order to make the resourcing decisions inevitably required to remedy and remove those risks.

  • Who owns the data Cyber Tzar generates about my website?

    Whilst Cyber Tzar owns the data generated from the tests undertaken on your website we understand that this data has the potential to be extremely sensitive. Cyber Tzar takes the security of this data extremely seriously, indeed our business is built on the fact that Cyber Tzar is itself cyber secure.

  • Is Cyber Tzar secure?

    The data produced by the Cyber Tzar platforms has the potential to be extremely sensitive. In the wrong hands it might be the key to a successful exploit by criminals. We take the security of this data extremely seriously, indeed our business is built on the fact that Cyber Tzar is it’s self cyber secure. Cyber Tzar is owned and operated from the UK, your data will be protected by some of the strictest data regulations anywhere in the world, including GDPR, the Data Protection Act (2018) and the Office of the Information Commissioner.

  • What happens to my data once Cyber Tzar has run scans/penetration tested my website?

    The Cyber Tzar business model has been developed around the provision of insights based on 100s of thousands of scans. Indeed that is a part of our USP. Your data, albeit in an anonymized format, will become a part of that data set held securely in our database.

  • What technology is Cyber Tzar built on?

    Our platform is based around open source and open standards technology, wherever possible. Development and management of the platform is undertaken in house by a dedicated team of technology experts. We use a mixture of technology components and languages including (in no particular order): Ruby on Rails, Java, OWASP Zap, SideKiq, PostgreSQL, Python, Stripe, Redis, Zabbix, Moberise, PostMan, and others.

  • Why would I want my company ‘Risk Rated’?

    There are a number of reasons why you should know your cyber security score. Firstly and perhaps most importantly so you can understand your vulnerability to business interruption from cyber attack. However, we believe that knowing your Security Score relative to your competitors can will confer competitive advantage. Already we are seeing moves to codify, standardise and publish cyber security scores to help create consumer confidence. Cyber Tzar is in the vanguard of this movement.

  • If our website is built purely with Javascript will it be 100% secure?

    Much has been said about the relative security of JavaScript sites in our view without foundation. A JavaScript site can be as vulnerable as any other site and a Cyber Tzar scan will expose those vulnerabilities if present.

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