Managing Third-Party Cyber Risks with Cyber Tzar: A Guide for the Modern Enterprise

In the modern enterprise environment, third-party risk management (TPRM) has emerged as a crucial aspect of corporate security. The unprecedented shift to cloud-based infrastructures, the growing adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, and the increasing complexity of supply chains have amplified the cyber risk landscape. These changes, coupled with the rise of Shadow IT and mounting pressures on procurement and compliance departments, call for an efficient, fast, and comprehensive TPRM solution.

Cyber Tzar, a UK-based online SaaS platform specializing in cyber risk management, has positioned itself as an ideal solution for corporations seeking to manage an extensive number of suppliers in an aggregate manner. Its system offers robust functionality tailored to meet the emerging demands of TPRM.

Third-Party Risk Management: A Must-Have Functionality

The quintessential functionality of any TPRM solution should be the capacity to efficiently host and manage portfolios, comprising suppliers, supply chains, and customers. Monitoring and mitigating the associated risks require a comprehensive solution that offers an overview of all external entities and assesses their cyber risk postures.

The Cyber Tzar Risk Management platform, in this regard, shines with its capability to undertake these tasks with exceptional proficiency. It provides comprehensive scans, evaluating each identified issue based on an impact versus likelihood matrix. This process is bolstered by Cyber Tzar’s cyber risk quantification, which assesses an organization’s cyber risk posture on a scale of 1,000, using empirical vulnerability scans.

Agility and Speed: Necessities in the Era of Rapid Onboarding

The pressure to rapidly onboard suppliers is immense. Consequently, the speed at which risk assessments are delivered becomes a significant factor. Cyber Tzar employs non-intrusive scanning techniques to swiftly gather and compare cyber risk postures across companies or industry standards. This agility allows corporations to rapidly benchmark and understand their risk position relative to other entities.

Cloud Computing and Shadow IT: Modern Challenges

The transition to cloud-based services and the rise of Shadow IT have ushered in new complexities to the cyber risk landscape. Issues such as AWS S3 bucket exposure, AWS and Azure configurations, data loss, and disclosure are growing threats.

Cyber Tzar is well-equipped to handle these modern challenges. Its platform performs a variety of scans, including Web Application Security Testing (WAST), Domain Name System (DNS) Security, Anti Phishing, Infrastructure and Technology, and Certification Checks. It then maps all issues/vulnerabilities found to industry standards such as OWASP ZAP Top 10, MITRE ATT@CK, NIST, CWE, and WASC.

Tackling the Future: A Call to Arms

The landscape of cyber risk is evolving rapidly. Compliance teams and IT departments are being put under enormous strain to protect against a burgeoning array of threats. It is therefore vital that corporations and resellers who conduct large numbers of risk assessments or perform them on behalf of their clients explore robust, comprehensive solutions like Cyber Tzar.

Cyber Tzar’s platform offers more than a solution – it offers a system of record for cyber risk management. It provides a score, builds a risk matrix, and generates easy-to-consume infographics. Additionally, its functionality for remediation and budgetary planning, such as the ability to “re-score” reports, empowers organizations to strategically plan their defences.

Cyber Tzar is ready to help you meet the future of cyber risk head-on. For organizations aiming to manage third-party risks swiftly, accurately, and cost-effectively, this platform presents a compelling solution. Embrace the future of TPRM – with Cyber Tzar.

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