Penetration Testing

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are both methods of assessing the security of a network or system, but they have some key differences.

Vulnerability scanning is an automated process of identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in a network or system. It typically uses specialized software to scan for known vulnerabilities and check for compliance with security standards. The goal of vulnerability scanning is to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

Penetration testing, also known as “pen testing,” is a simulated attack on a network or system to assess its security. It is a more comprehensive and hands-on approach than vulnerability scanning as it goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities and also tests the effectiveness of security controls and incident response procedures. Penetration testing is performed by ethical hackers (also known as “white hat” hackers) who use manual and automated techniques to attempt to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to the system.

In summary, vulnerability scanning is an automated process that scans for known vulnerabilities, while penetration testing is a more comprehensive and hands-on approach that simulates an attack and tests the effectiveness of security controls.

Cyber Tzar’s mission

Cyber Tzar’s mission is to “Make Cyber Security Simple” so our automated cyber risk assessments return Cyber Security Scores that are accurate, reliable, predictable, and repeatable. Alongside the score, we provide an Impact Assessment Report, “top ten” issues, and Vulnerabilities Explained reports for the non-technical. For the technically minded, we offer detailed technical reporting of the issues uncovered and the pages impacted, with a description of the issue and advice on remediation.

Cyber Tzar offers two automated dynamic application security tests with our GOLD and PLATINUM products, completing hundreds of thousands of individual tests. The AI embedded in the Cyber Tzar platform appears to the site as an individual user browsing the site and completing forms while searching for vulnerabilities that could allow a site to be compromised.

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