Pen Testing

Penetration testing has been a key component of assessing Cyber Security Risk for over 30 years. Expensive, slow and mysterious typically penetration testing has been undertaken by contractors attempting to penetrate, test and probe your systems for vulnerabilities and exploits. Mysterious because the results and recommendations have never been easily understood by the non-technical and in many cases have proved to be “insurance” for senior management rather than a tool leading to the proactive mitigation of risk.

Cyber Tzar’s mission is to “Make Cyber Security Simple” so our automated penetration tests return Cyber Security Scores that are accurate, reliable, predicable and repeatable. Alongside the score we provide an Impact Assessment Report, “top ten” issues and Vulnerabilities Explained reports for the non-technical. For the technically minded we provide detailed technical reporting of the issues uncovered and the pages impacted together with a description of the issue and advice on remediation.

Cyber Tzar Score Certificate

Cyber Tzar offers two automated tests our GOLD and PLATINUM are comprehensive cyber security penetration tests for the entire site. Also known as “dynamic code analysis” our penetration tests go several steps further, completing hundreds of thousands of individual tests. The AI embedded in the Cyber Tzar platform appears to the site as an individual user browsing the site and completing forms whilst at the same time searching for vulnerabilities that could allow a site to be compromised.   
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